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The H. Allen Barris Memorial Club :Station Repeaters:

The NCARC established its first VHF repeater in the mid 1980's on frequency, 146.850 Mhz. As the bands got crowded, we requested in 1991 to be re-coordinated by WNYSORC to the current frequency, 146.625 Mhz. In early 1992, we established a UHF (444.350 Mhz) repeater to add to the flexability of our communications system. Both repeaters are coordinated with the Western New York Southern Ontario Repeater Council.

The NCARC repeaters are located on Concord Dr., 3 miles Southeast of Fredonia, on top of the escarpment at a ground elevation of 1560 feet above sea level. The VHF system at 146.625 (PL 127.3) is also part of the Chautauqua County RACES communications system. The VHF repeater is linked to another NCARC repeater in Jamestown, NY at 145.330 (PL 127.3), thereby providing coverage throughout Chautauqua County and stretching from Canada to Warren, PA.

The DSTAR VHF and DMR Repeater is located in the city of Fredonia at an elevation of 780 feet, at coordinated frequency of 147.195 output and 147.795 input.
This system operates VHF FM Analog and VHF FM DMR.

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Repeater system pictures are available ON THIS PAGE

NCARC Main VHF Repeater (Fredonia, NY):  146.625, PL 127.3;        NCARC Link VHF Repeater (Jamestown, NY):   145.330, PL 127.3

VHF Repeater Specifications:
TX/RX: Two Icom IC-F121S, one for exciter, one for reciever
Feedline: Andrews hardline 7/8"
Power Output: 30 Watts From TESystems VHF Amplifier
Duplexors: TXRX Systems
Controller: CAT 300DXL, w/autopatch
Antenna: Sinclair Labs four bay dipole at 150 feet on tower (9db gain,
ERP 110 Watts), aimed Southwest (240 degrees).NCARC

The NCARC UHF repeater has very wide coverage due to the linking system associated with five other UHF repeaters and two 6 meter (50 MHZ) repeaters as seen in the map shown here:

Sherman, NY (442.750Mhz, PL 88.5Hz (hub) & 53.610mhz, PL 127.3Hz)
Mayville, NY (444.450Mhz, PL 88.5Hz)
Fredonia, NY (444.350Mhz, PL 88.5Hz)
Frewsburg, NY (444.500Mhz, PL 88.5 Hz)
Warren, PA (443.900, PL 88.5Hz)
Westfield, NY (444.925Mhz, PL 88.5Hz) (link presently down)
Limestone, NY (444.775Mhz, PL 88.5Hz, & 53.310Mhz, PL 127.3)

This linked system provides access from many areas in Western New York, North East and North Central Pennsylvania, and parts of Canada.

NCARC UHF Repeater (Fredonia, NY):  444.350, PL 88.5

UHF Repeater Specifications:
TX/RX: GE Mastr Exec II
Feedline: Andrews 7/8" hardline Power Output: 18 Watts out of duplexers
Controller: Link Com
Duplexors: Phelps Dodge
Antenna: Sinclair Labs 4 bay Dipole at 170ft level of tower (9db, gain ERP 110 Watts),, aimed Northeast 73 degrees off North.
Linking System: GE Phoenix link radio


VHF Digital Repeater Specifications:
Controller: DR-1 w/YEASU TX/RX radios enclosed
System Control: Pi2 with UDRC Hat, and Compass Linux
Output Power: 20 Watts.

Duplexors: Phelps Dodge
Antenna: 144-162 Mhz UNITY GAIN Fiberglass

Reflector information can be found at DSTAR



You are welcome to use any of our repeaters.
If you wish to support our operation, you may contact us at:

NCARC, P.O. BOX 746, Dunkirk, NY 14048